TIX & WIX Contracts

TIX Contracts are a simple way to take a position on whether or not the price of an asset will be ABOVE or BELOW a specified price (the "strike price") at a distinct point in time (the "expiration").

Similarly, WIX Contracts allow users to take a position on whether or not an asset's price will TOUCH a specified strike price, prior to expiration.

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Hxro.Trade's Parimutuel Option Contracts maximize liquidity by aggregating user positions into pools, with the in-the-money positions sharing the total pool at expiration.

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Hxro Bot

Hxro Bot is a powerful automation tool for Parimutuels that allows users to design sophisticated trading strategies using an intuitive interface and deploy those strategies to operate automatically, around the clock.

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Hxro Labs provides cryptocurrency trading commentary and analysis for beginners and seasoned veterans alike. The Hxro Labs team provides technical and fundamental analysis covering the latest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and trends, such as DeFi, Yield Farming, NFT's, and more.

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