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What are TIX Options?

TIX option markets reduce the complexities of crypto options by letting traders take positions based on live market odds. Also known as barrier options, TIX options are a simple way to trade on whether or not the price of an asset will CLOSE above or below a specified price (the “strike price”) on a specified date (the “expiration).

    • Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana Options
    • Choose from Multiple Expiration Months
    • Close Out Positions Anytime
    • Connect your FTX Wallet

    Designed to open up crypto trading to a larger global audience through a powerful user experience, TIX Options are one of the best ways to capture market opportunities and manage your risk.

    Choose a Coin.

    Choose an Expiration.

    Choose whether it will close Above or Below a given Price.

    Lock in your Position.

    • Connect your FTX Wallet
    • Manage your Market Risk

    There are times when TixWix contracts with low probability of payout do not have a bid in the market to close a position when a quote is requested. The width of the bid/ask market on quotes for these low probability contracts is typically very wide as a percentage of the price paid for the contract. The underlying index will need to move substantially in your favor in order for the contract to gain enough value to close out the contract before expiration. This makes the low probability contracts very difficult to “flip” or sell out quickly for a profit. Therefore, when purchasing contracts with low probability of payout, the odds are very high that you will lose 100% of the entry value

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    Getting started on the Hxro Platform is easy. Simply fill out a quick application, fund your account with cryptocurrency, and start trading. It’s that simple.


    Fill out Quick Application

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    First, you must complete a KYC process. Information may include: Full Name, Country of Residence, and State/Province/Region of Residence. To get verified you will need to upload specific documents proving your identity and a recording of your face. Approved documents include: a Drivers License, Passport, OR National ID, AND Proof of Residency.

    Fund your account with crypto

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    In order to trade TixWix you must add funds to your TixWix Wallet Balance. TixWix Wallet balances and contract entries are denominated and paid in USD/Stablecoins. Fund your TixWix wallet by transferring coins from your Hxro Wallet into USD/Stablecoins. Transferred funds will be converted to USD/Stablecoins balance and will be immediately available in your TixWix wallet.

    Please note: You must complete Tier 1 or Tier 2 KYC Verification to make TixWix transfers.

    trade bitcoin and crypto options

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    Trade TIX and WIX options, and parimutuel contracts using your funded Hxro wallet.

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