About Us

The Hxro team comes from deep domain expertise and is home to top engineering talent with backgrounds from traditional exchanges, decentralized exchanges, blockchain engineering, online and sports betting. Our builders come from a variety of backgrounds: Goldman Sachs, DRW, DV Trading, Macquarie Group.

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Experience leading top tier trading firms

Hxro’s founders and team members have decades of experience in traditional financial firms, and most are early participants and investors in digital assets. Our leadership experience and early adoption have helped shape a strong culture of innovation and collaboration.

Intuitive Trading Interfaces to Unlock Generation Z

Competitors are too confusing or complex. With decades of options trading experience, Hxro has simplified options trading and taken very complicated products and created one click decisions for users. 

Builders of automated trading tools and risk management

Trading can be complex. That’s why we build Hxro products to easily integrated to established exchanges, analytics platforms and third-party automated trading systems in order to rapidly grow liquidity and user base. 

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